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Profit Mangement


This is how you spell Profit in F&B:

Pricing Strategies
Fact-based decision-making
Intuition-based value-add
Team Training

We analyze and drill into the following areas of F&B with you and your team, to create a framework of best practices and decision-support instruments for the optimal implementation of your own, customized F&B Profit Management System:

•    The market - Competitive Analysis
•    Your customers – relevant Market segmentation
•    Distribution channels for Meetings and Banquets
•    Social Media - Strategies for customer relationship and retention
•    Demand Forecasting for Banquets / Catering / Convention
•    Pricing strategies and dynamic pricing
•    Profit Management strategies
•    Profit Management Team structure
•    Daily, weekly, and monthly Profit Management Checklists

Of course we complement our consulting framework with a tool kit full of decision support tools and checklists - The Profit Management Suite. See more details on "Solutions" tab.

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