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Impressions from MPI WEC 2011 in Orlando


FotoI recently returned from the World Education Congress of MPI in Orlando Florida, where I was speaking on the topic of "Green Menu-Engineering". It was both inspiring and sobering - to see that there is a lot of movement towards more sustainable and green Meetings and Events, and to realize that there is yet a long way to go. But the most exciting aspect were the amazing people I met at this educational conference!

The Meetings and Event industry has certainly come a long way in realizing that there must be better ways to do meetings and events from a sustainability point of view - and there was great interest in many of the Corporate Social Responsibility sessions. MPI has been involved in this area for quite a few years now, and is making resources, training and tolls available for its members. It is the venues and convention locations that need to step up to the plate, and not serve water with plastic cups, not serve coffee in disposable and low recycled content cups, not preset lunch tables with icewater and icetea, etc. Although these are only small parts of more sustainability - everything helps and makes an impact...

Some of the poeple I connected with during this conference - from Green Meeting Industry Council to Imex, from planners to suppliers - were incredibly dedicated and focused on making a big impact and working hard at making the meeting and event industry more sustainably successful while at the same time reducing the harmful effects on climate change and on social developments. It is that dedication which will make a lasting impact, and I am glad to have met and interacted with those amazing people!

Here is a link to the slides of the session on green menu-engineering, which adds a responibility (or sustainability) layer on top of the profitability layer of decision making. Those of you who are MPI members, you can view the 60 minute session Vidoe online, by clicking on this link: MPI Green Menu-Engineering Video - you even receive 1 CPU for viewing it!

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