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"All in" at the Sustainable Meetings Conference in Montreal


FotoI just returned - with my head and heart still buzzing - from Montreal after my first participation at the Sustainable Meetings Conference, which is the annual conference of the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC). The mantra of the event was "All in" - meaning that with sustainablility there are no shortcuts to engagement, you have to fully commit in order to succeed. The amount of engagement and committment in the group of participants from around the world was amazing, and I am grateful that I have become a member of this vibrant and creative community. My contribution to the conference was a workshop on green menu-engineering, and I loved the participant interaction, both at the content and the case study portions of the session.

In preparing for my workshop, I loved working with Robert Hood, Corporate Director of Food and Beverage at Atlific Hotels, who helped as a co-presenter with making the case study very real and relevant.Thank you, Robert!

The education sessions and discussion topics at the Sustainable Meetings Conference had a wide range, as did the session formats and the use of media and the conference mobile app. Therewas also a very dedicated and engaged remote partcipant hub in Amsterdam, which added the element of event camp othe conference. What I liked best, though, was the "Idea Auction", which was created by the pareticipants, and used to raise funds for the GMIC Foundation. The auction included two phases:
1. Idea Sourcing and Selection of Top Ideas:
Participants submitted great ideas for the auction. The submissions will included a short tweetable "teaser” that was used in the voting process, and a more detailed description that was only revealed in the second phase - the actual Auction. Voting for the best ideas happened at a live "auction” during the last day of the conference, to select the top ideas in each category .
2. Online Bidding:
In the second phase, the top ideas were nundled in a book or purchasable as individual items for "bidders” to select those that they want to have fully revealed.
I did bid for the full bundle, and have received a few great ideas for more sustainable meetingings. And what's best - ideas can be shared, so there can be more than one winner.

Blog written by: Brita Moosmann

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