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Green Menu-Enginering - a chance for the MICE segment


FotoEvery year, Meeting Planners International (MPI) holds the World Education Congress (WEC) for 3000 to 4000 delegates from around the world. Members of MPI - planners and suppliers - come together to upgrade and intensify their skills in the area of MICE. For some years now, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are visibly and centrally on the schedule. This year's conference is taking place in Orlando, Florida from July 23 to 26, and we have been invited to present an educational session on the topic of "Green Menu-Engineering". This is an extremely inspiring topic, introducing the menu-engineering method (which is a profit maximization analysis), and extending it to include sustainable development goals and principles.

I am in the process of researching and planning the presentation, and am creating a green menu-engineering tool that will allow the user the analysis of menus and meeting packages, and to determine its "Responsibility Score". This session and the tool are meant to help both the planners of events and the venues / suppliers in the selection of more sustainable food items, beverages, and operational aspects of Meetings ad Conferences. Here is the information about the session:  Green Menu-Engineering 
We are looking forward to the dialogue about this exciting project, and the session in Orlando on July 24. Maybe see you in Orlando!

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